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Class A Fire Rated Adjustable Supports

A comprehensive range of Class A Fire Rated adjustable pedestal supports, compatible with all decking and paving applications.

Available in Fixed Head and Slope Corrector variants for paving and as a Decking Cradle Support. Can accommodate heights from 25mm to 500mm. Decking Cradle variant perfectly complements the Areco Hyperion Class A Fire Rated Decking System. Supports are electro plated for outdoor use and carry a limited 20 year warranty.

Paving Gaskets and protective Rubber Pads also available to complete the range

Adjustable Height Ranges

For flat head or decking pedestals


  • MESA External Steel Support 25-35mm
  • MESA External Steel Support 30-40mm
  • MESA External Steel Support 40-50mm
  • MESA External Steel Support 50-70mm
  • MESA External Steel Support 60-90mm
  • MESA External Steel Support 90-150mm
  • MESA External Steel Support 150-280mm
  • MESA External Steel Support 150-280mm

Slope Corrector Height Ranges


  • MESA Steel Slope Corrector 45-55mm
  • MESA Steel Slope Corrector 55-70mm
  • MESA Steel Slope Corrector 70-110mm
  • MESA Steel Slope Corrector 100-160mm
  • MESA Steel Slope Corrector 150-260mm
  • MESA Steel Slope Corrector 250-480mm

Ally Joist Pedestal

Gasket with Ped

3 peds



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