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Man Anchors Fall Arrest

For smaller roof safety problems which require a simple solution, Areco Ltd offers a free-standing post system specially designed to be easily set up and used. The Weight Angel man anchor minimises the distance someone working at height could fall in an accident, ensuring safety when it is of the utmost importance.

The system is comprised of a set of weights assembled into a single, round unit, which creates a powerful anchor that can withstand any fall. The system is small – around 120cm wide – and avoids being a major trip hazard, whilst being very easy to disassemble and store. The non-penetrative weights make the anchor ideal for use on flat roofs of old and new buildings alike.

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Method of Installation

  1. Lay rubber matting (WA 005) in accordance with BS EN 795 Class E


  2. Insert M16 Rod Assembly Set (WA 001) through the underside of the recycled plastic weight (GA 02)
  3. Position weight on to rubber matting


  4. Repeat instructions 2 for the next 3 weights and position on the rubber matting, see above image


  5.  Place pre-assembled crossover plates and posts on top, to ensure weights are aligned correctly
  6. Remove pre-assembled crossover plates and posts


  7. Position next layer of weights on top and through the M16 Rod
  8. Repeat instruction 5 to ensure correct alignment
  9. Repeat instruction 6


  10. Position next layer of weights on top and through the M16 Rod


  11. Place pre-assembled crossover plates and post on M16 Rods and fix with M16 Dome hex set (WA 001)
  12. Man Anchors Fall Arrest is ready for use in accordance with BS EN 795 Class E

Pre-use Checks

  • Check the end post aluminium cover. If this has signs of damage, then it is a key sign that the system has potentially undergone a fall loading.
  • Ensure that all labels are clear, present and legible.
  • Always notify the correct personnel that you intend working at height.
  • Check that the PPE is in good order and that it has not exceeded the date of obsolescence. This date is dictated by the PPE Manufacturer - refer to the harness certification.
  • Check that the supplied PPE meets the requirements of the restraints distances detailed in the method statement supplied by the system installer.

On-going Maintenance

The Man Anchors Fall Arrest is to be cleaned using materials that will not react and damage rubber, polyurethane, aluminium, stainless steel or galvanised steel.

The Man Anchors Fall Arrest is to be stored in any environment that doesn't contain materials, or have substances in the air that may react and damage rubber, polyurethane, aluminium, stainless steel or galvanised steel.

Under legal requirement by EN795, it says that fall protection solutions are tested and re-certified annually by suitably qualified personnel, who are trained and approved by Bettersafe International BV.

Key Specification

Weight 300 kg
Individual Weights 24 kg
Qty Weights 12 units
Weight of posts / supports 12 kg
Width 1200 mm
Height 465 mm
Made from Recycled Materials


Post Polyurethane
Eye Ring SS 316
Cover Aluminium
Bolts SS 316

Matting Specifications

Elastomer Natural
Colour Black
Quality Commercial
Hardness 70° shore a
S.G. 1.55g/cm3
Tensile MPA 4
Elongation 300%
Tear strength 12kg/cm
Compression set 43%
Abrasion resistance 48/0 mm3
Operating temperature -20° / +70° c
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