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Breather Vents

A range of vents designed to extract moisture retention from flat roofs.

Extra Aqua Vent

Manufactured in polypropylene, the base being finished in grey, the dome cover in white. Dome fixed to base with screw into self locking brass insert.

Height 197mm
Diameter of base 267mm
Diameter of aperture at base 184mm

Each Extra Aqua Vent can ventilate an area of up to 36 sq. mtrs.



Aluminium A. Vent

Manufactured from spun aluminium. Top fixed to base with self tapping screw.

Height 180mm
Diameter of base 240mm
Diameter of aperture 165mm

Each Aluminium A. Vent can ventilate an area of up to 25 sq. mtrs.



Aluminium Mega-Vent

Manufactured from spun aluminium. Top fixed to base with self tapping screw.

Height 350mm
Diameter of base 240mm
Diameter of aperture at base 165mm

The area that can be effectively ventilated by a "Mega-Vent" is determined by the materials used in the construction of the roof.



Preparation before installation

New Roofs:

Moisture is present in most roofs. A newly screeded concrete deck takes a long time to dry out thoroughly and when the deck is waterproofed, residual moisture from the screeded concrete is trapped with no means of escape.
The installation of Breather Vents in the waterproofing layers of the roof allows this trapped moisture to escape, thus alleviating the problems caused by:-
(1) Blisters in the asphalt or felt roof covering.
(2) Expansion and contraction stress on the weathering membrane.
(3) Subsequent ceiling level condensation.

Existing Roofs:

Where an existing roof covering has failed and moisture has penetrated the roof structure, Breather Vents should be installed with the replacement waterproof membrane (felt or asphalt). They will assist in clearing the excess moisture and continue to act in relieving vapour pressure subsequently.
Damp timber roof decks still require any repairs to be completed before re-roofing commences.
For felt roofs, the performance of the Breather Vent will be improved by the use of a proprietary partial bonded base layer or a vented felt. Both provide a better flow of vapour laden air to the Breather Vents.

Method of installation

Felt Roofing

A hole should be cut in the base layer and insulation, diameters as follows:
Extra Aqua Vent 210mm
Aluminium A. Vent 180mm
Aluminium Mega Vent 180mm
Place the vent base over the hole and dress subsequent layers of felt over the base and up the neck. The cap can then be secured to the base.



Asphalt Roof

Place the vent base in position and trim sheathing felt around the base plate. Apply minimum two coats of asphalt over the box and dress around the neck of the vent. The vent cap can then be secured to the vent base.

Priming of the vent bases in contact with the waterproofing membrane is recommended.

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