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Areco: One Stop for All Your Flat Roofing Accessories

At Areco, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of building supplies to cater for every part of your current project whatever it may be. To ensure we cater for every aspect of your project, we stock a multitude of flat roofing accessories, providing everything from roof walkway matting to polycarbonate roof domes. Read on to find out all about Areco’s wonderful flat roofing accessories.

Roof Vents, Roof Domes & Roof Outlets

It’s important to keep your attic well ventilated as a build up of warm air in the loft space can cause moisture and damp, and so for many projects roof vents are essential. We have different sized roof vents available for your home, in your choice of aluminium or polypropylene. Areco also offers flat roof rainwater drainage system roof outlets in EPDM and aluminium, so you can guarantee a high quality finish to your ventilation and drainage systems with Areco’s wonderful products.

Shop our Roof Vents, Roof Domes & Roof Outlets today.

Paving Supports & Modular Support Systems

Paving supports and modular support systems are crucial if you’re planning on installing strong, sturdy paving platform on your flat roof. These support systems create a sturdy platform for your paving, holding them securely in place and creating a gap below to conceal unsightly services like rainwater drainage systems and ventilation posts.

Our paving supports can be adjusted in height are crafted from strong plastic, and provide a sturdy and affordable platform to lay your flat roof paving onto; the ideal solution for any standard flat roofing project. For bigger projects, we have large and extremely durable adjustable modular support systems; guaranteed to perform brilliantly no matter how big the project.

Take a look at our Paving Supports and Modular Support Systems today.

Bird Spikes & Roof Edge Trims

Areco stocks a wide variety of flat roof edge trims for felt, asphalt and liquid surfaces. We supply the highest quality roof edge trims from leading brands including Glasstrim, Rofycom, V-Trim and more. The roof edge trims we have at Areco are made from aluminium and glass reinforced plastic, for a sturdy durable finish.

We have plastic bird spikes available, a humane way to prevent birds from landing on the ledges of your roof. Our bird spikes can be fitted to any ledge and are available to purchase in your choice of different lengths. We also have bird dropping germ cleaner to keep your roof spikes clean.

Discover our Bird Spikes and Roof Edge Trims online at Areco.

Roof Walkway Matting & Guard Rails

Safety is the most important thing to consider when it comes to any project. To ensure maximum safety while working on a roof, we supply a collection of roof walkway matting along with clips and trims for secure installation, and sturdy metal guard rails.

We have roof walkway matting made from PVC and TPO in a variety of different lengths, allowing you to decide which best suits your flat roofing project. We also have dual purpose connector clips, designed to hold your matting together securely and ensure maximum stability of your walkway matting. Our metal guard rails are sturdy and durable, and can be set-up temporarily while working, or permanently as effective roof-edge safety.

Browse Areco’s Roof Walkway Matting & Guard Rails.

Tools & Accessories

No flat roofing project can be completed without the right tools and essential accessories. We have fixings, sealants, accessories and a number of useful tools, so whether you’re looking for wood saws, hammers, screws, roofing felt or sealants, you’ll find everything you need at Areco.

Explore our range of Flat Roofing Tools & Accessories.

Explore Our Range Of Flat Roofing Accessories

If you’re carrying out a flat roofing project and you need some tools or accessories to help you finish the job, then Areco is the perfect place for you. Explore our multitude of flat roofing accessories online.

Got any questions? Contact a friendly member of the Areco team on 01922 743553 to find the answers that you’re looking for.


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