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Find A Range Of Underground Building Products

Areco supplies a multitude of underground building products, offering everything from pipes and fittings to drainage channels, MDPE waterpipes and much more. If you’re working on an underground building project – whether it’s installing a new drainage system or making repairs to an existing channel – you’ll find everything you could possibly need here at Areco.

Underground Pipes & Fittings

Pipes and fittings are the most important components in any underground building project. At Areco we have a wide selection of straight pipes, socket bends, bottle gulleys, couplers and more; providing you with access to everything you could need in order to create or maintain an underground drainage system.

Browse our underground pipes and fittings.

Linear Drainage Channels

Linear drainage channels help to keep areas around buildings dry by providing a simple and effective drainage solution to tackle the build up of rainfall. If you’re looking for a way to manage water drainage around your home or business, look no further than linear drainage channels. At Areco we have heavy duty drainage channels for all applications.

Explore our linear drainage channels today.

Manholes & Access Covers

Manholes and access covers are crucial for maintaining accessibility to your underground drainage system. We understand the importance of accessibility, which is why we supply a collection of manhole bases, manhole covers and access points in plastic and heavier duty galvanised steel.

Order your manholes & access covers from Areco today.


Areco’s geotextiles can be used for many applications, from weed control to rainwater management, making them wonderful for underground drainage. Our geotextiles can be bought in lengths up to 50 metres and are available in woven & non-woven types; meaning you can select the perfect geotextiles for your requirements.

Shop a varied selection of Geotextiles at Areco.

MDPE Waterpipes

MDPE waterpipe is tough and flexible, and with chemical features that prevent the build up of algae, bacteria and fungi, it is a brilliant choice for low-maintenance water drainage setups. Areco’s MDPE waterpipe is available in different lengths, and can be supplied in 25, 50 or 100 metre coils. We also have a number of connectors and MDPE pipe joiners available.

Order your MDPE waterpipes from Areco.

Underground Ducting

Cable ducting is vital for underground wiring projects, keeping wires and cables organised and safe from moisture and damage. Areco supplies a variety of cable and pipe ducting in many different sizes and colours, suitable for your underground building projects.

Find underground ducting pipes and connectors in our online store.

Explore Our Underground Building Products

As always, Areco makes sure to stock all of the accessories that you could possibly need to complete your underground building projects. We have screws, sealants, flash bands and more. Explore our underground building accessories today.

Discover our full collection of Underground Building products today.

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