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Why You Need A Polycarbonate Carport

Polycarbonate carports are wonderful, easy-to-fit additions to your home that boast a range of advantages. At Areco, we create high quality polycarbonate carports that are protective from the weather, and provide you with a place to store your car or any other vehicle you desire at a fraction of the cost of having a garage built onto your existing home.

Read on to find out more about Areco’s polycarbonate carports and see how installing one can benefit you.

The Advantages Of A Carport From Areco

Advantage #1: High Quality Structure

The Evolution carports available from Areco are made with high quality materials. Powder coated aluminium and triple walled 16mm polycarbonate glazing come together to create a sturdy and durable structure that is able to provide protection and service for a very long time. The structure of Areco’s Evolution carports   

Advantage #2: Protection From The Weather

Our polycarbonate carports are designed to provide your vehicle with the protection that it needs against harsh weather. You needn’t worry about sleet, storms or snow causing damage to your car, because it’s roofed off from the elements.

Advantage #3: Personal Safety & Convenience

Having a carport gives you a safe and convenient place to park your car extremely close to the door to your home. This provides you with security and convenience, minimising the distance from your car to your home. Carports are also brilliant for keeping your car very close to your home, making your vehicle a much harder target for thieves.

Advantage #4: Storage For Other Vehicles

Carports don’t have to be used for just cars. Perhaps you have another vehicle that you keep at your property like a small boat on a trailer or a van? Carports are brilliant for storing a variety of vehicles and providing protection from the elements.   

Advantage #5: Extra Sheltered Storage

Our Evolution carports are built to a high quality and provide shelter from the weather. This gives you some extra sheltered storage space to keep anything you wish, be it a BBQ, lawnmower, tools or something else entirely.

Enquire About Areco Evolution Carports

Are you interested in investing in an Areco Evolution carport? If so, order your polycarbonate carport today from Areco, or contact us to find out more about our range of products.

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