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Look No Further than Areco For Exterior Building Supplies

At Areco, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional range of supplies suitable for completing any construction or home improvement projects.

We have everything required for installing roofline cladding, ventilation systems, columns and door canopies. With a multitude of quality products ranging from fascia boards, soffit boards and cladding to composite decking and more – look no further than Areco for your exterior building supplies.

Fascia Boards, Soffit Boards & Cladding

We have a number of different Fascia Boards, Soffit Boards & Cladding products perfect for finishing your exterior building roofline project. Our roofline cladding products are made from lightweight UPVC making them affordable and easy-to-install, while maintaining exceptional durability.

Explore our Fascia Boards, Soffit Boards and Cladding products today.

Composite Decking

Whether you’re finishing off a building or carrying out project renovations; composite decking is ideal for commercial, residential and rooftop leisure applications. Our decking offers weather, insect and rot resistant properties, making it extremely durable and long lasting. Thanks to the wonderful tarnish resistant properties of our composite decking, it outperforms the lifespan of traditional lumber decking by as much as 30 years.

Browse our selection of Composite Decking products today.

UPVC Trims & Angles, Ventilation & Accessories

We have a variety of UPVC trims and angles at Areco to give the perfect finish to your latest project. Our selection of trims and angles boasts variety in size and style, and they come in your choice of finishes – white, wood grain and different pastel colours – so you’ll be sure to find something to suit the style of your project.

As well as our trims and angles, we have ventilation products and accessories to help you to successfully install a ventilation system in your home.  We have affordable and effective drill vent kits available in a variety of different coloured finishes – white, brown and terracotta.

Explore Areco’s UPVC Trims & Angles, Ventilation products and accessories.

Door Canopies, Columns, Brackets & Corbells

If you’re looking for door canopies, columns, brackets or corbells for a home project then look no further than Areco. Our collection of canopies, pillars and supports are crafted from high quality glass-reinforced plastic, making them durable, weather resistant and long lasting.

Areco’s door canopies, pillars and columns are available in different modern and traditional finishes, so you’ll be sure to find something perfect for your project no matter the style.

Browse our Door Canopies, GRP Pillars and Brackets today.

Order Your Exterior Building Supplies From Areco Today

If you’re interested in ordering exterior building supplies from Areco to help you finish off your latest project, then explore our full range today. Got any questions? Contact us today on 0844 984 0323.


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